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Region Plugin RDS Customizable

RDS Customizable

Categories: Region Plugin
Author: tereska

New updated version is working now with the XE 10g edition.

The customizations are listed below:

  1. Region Grouping Class Name - choice of regions going into RDS.
    Regions going into the RDS selector can be restricted by class name - put in the Region Attributes, e.g. class="rds-example"
  2. Display "Show All" - option if the "Show All"-tab should be displayed or not
  3. Label of "Show All" - label of the "Show All" tab can be changed
  4. Escape "Show All" - needed in case your label contains html tags (e.g. <img>)
  5. Css Attribute of "Show All" - you can set css attributes like title="your title" or class="class-name"
  6. Position of the "Show All" - first or last, default is last


In the regions going into the RDS, set Region Display Selector to "Yes" - as you would with the standard RDS.
Additionally, in the Region Attributes, set a class of your choice (e.g. class="rds-example").
Repeat this for all regions you want to group in this particular RDS - important: the class name must be the same.
In the RDS plugin attributes, set the first parameter Region Grouping Class Name to the name of the class you previously put in the regions' attribute (e.g. rds-example).

You will find more detailed instructions on the demo page.

Credit goes to Martin without whom this plugin would be a half-solution.
I also owe huge credit to Jose Murillo for his thorough testing of version 1.1 of the plugin.
Thank you both again.

Special Requirements
The plugin works starting with APEX version 4.0.2 (plugin developed in
The function IS_COMPONENT_USED is not available in prior versions.

Region Display Selector, RDS Customizable, IS_COMPONENT_USED

RDS - nested
RDS - nested
Date added: 14.12.2011
Views: 10722
Votes: 9
Reviews: 17
Min. APEX Version:
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All regions display fix for
by Warren Caples
on November 6, 2014
Having same problem on Added #IMAGE_PREFIX#/libraries/apex/minified/widget.regionDisplaySelector.min.js to the Page Attributes > Javascript > File URLs section, and then it worked.
RDS Customizable - Template
by Paul
on May 13, 2014
How do I get the small gray button type interface for each option in the RDS?
What region template are you using?
My implementation just comes out as a vertical list of dot points links !??
by Marcelo
on May 21, 2013
htp.p('{script src="#IMAGE_PREFIX#/libraries/apex/minified/widget.regionDisplaySelector.min.js"}{/script}');
At the code above change { for < and } for >
Resending the code
by Marcelo
on May 21, 2013
Now it's work
by Marcelo
on May 21, 2013

1)Edit plugin
2)Go to Sorce Field ==> PL/SQL Code
3)After Begin put this code

In my application running version 4.2, this fixed issue.
Issues in Apex 4.2
by Holger
on May 14, 2013
I'd love to have this plug-in working on Apex 4.2, but I have same problem, that all regions are displayed. Is this to be solved, or should I find another solution ?
Issues in Apex 4.2
by Colin
on March 23, 2013
This plug-in would appear to be VERY useful but I've installed it on Apex and it appears to display all regions, just as reported last November. Am I doing something wrong? When I click on button the cursor jumps to the relevant region? Can you help, I'd really like to get this working!
Issues in Apex 4.2
by Marcelo
on November 28, 2012
Regions not hidden more.
Now they stay one bellow each other.
by tereska
on November 20, 2012
the demo application runs on
Application Express
What is not working and what error are having?
by tereska
on November 20, 2012
What error do you have? Can you contact me at info@tereskue.ca?
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