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Region Plugin Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

Categories: Region Plugin
Author: Ivan Zderadicka

Gantt chart region plugin

Gantt Chart plugin is based on an existing jQuery plugin,  however this plugin is patched significantly to work for my use-case (scale hours and days,  limited by dates in page items).

To work correctly user db session and browser should have same TZ (otherwise chart bars are moved - actually displayed according to browser TZ) - so use auto-timezone application setting or something more sophisticated . Also assure that date ranges displayed are 'reasonable' -   for too wide range script will block ( much more then is displayed on screen) ,   for too small it'll display nonsence (less then day, or only few days on day scale)
Licensed by either MIT or GPL v3 license.

v 0.1.1
- extended width of description columns in gannt
- fixed issues with DST
v 0.1.2
- added possibility to submit other page items on gantt reload - either as a param to reload function or option itemsToSubmit in plugin advanced options.
- added support for Refresh dynamic action


Sources also on github:

chart gantt

Date added: 7.1.2013
Views: 11661
Votes: 5
Reviews: 13
Min. APEX Version:
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by Christian
on January 18, 2015
Hi Ivan,

this is really a cool plugin, but is there a possibility to refresh the region without refreshing the whole site as described here: https://community.oracle.com/message/4442627

Thank you,
Chrome error
by Simon Cernuta
on April 23, 2014
I get parsererror

Unexpected token w

in Google Chrome. IE Explorer works ok
re: Link to details
by Ivan Zderadicka
on October 6, 2013
Use dynamic actions

Task Clicked:
this will activate when exisitng task is clicked on chart
to receive task detais use javascript action, this.data.id is id of task:
alert('Tasked clicked,id is: '+this.data.id);
then you need to construct URL to openen in JS.

Add New Task:
this will activate, when you click on grid outside of any task.
this.data.date contains a Date object with date value reflecting where you clicked on grid . this.data.id is then id of row.
Link to details
by frank
on October 5, 2013
out of this great gantt I was trying to link to the detailed form of the task but failed. If you managed this, can you provide how? -Thanks, F.
re: weekly
by Ivan Zderadicka
on October 4, 2013
Generally yes - scale can be set up for the chart - from hours to months (I think). You can set min and max scale and user can zoom within their ranges.
I optimized hours-days - so lower scacles might need some tweeks in JS.
presentation on weekly level possible
by Eder
on October 3, 2013
in the example I can see the gantt chart on hour-level. Is it possible to forget hour and day and present the gantt chart for weeks?

BR Alois
Re: APEX 4.1
by Sébastien Dellamore
on July 16, 2013
Oops... my bad, I didn't see the link on GitHub for the sources.

Thanks a lot !
July 16, 2013
The Entry has been updated in the meantime!
APEX 4.1
by Sébastien Dellamore
on July 16, 2013

Could you put your sources in the zip file ?
It would allow us to create the plugin in apex 4.1, without you having to make your own in 4.1.

by vaishnavi
on June 19, 2013
please provide steps to use this plug-in in Apex 4.1 for gantt
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