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Region Plugin DTreeTable


Categories: Region Plugin
Author: Linh Dinh

Combining the two data-viewing approaches into one

DTreeTable ApEx Plugin puts hierarchical data in columns, but use an indented outline structure in the first column to illustrate the tree structure.

Combining the two data-viewing approaches into one view gives you the best of both worlds. You can show the hierarchy of items, plus a matrix of additional data or item attributes, in one unified structure.

TreeTable, Tree, Table

Company: dinh.de
Date added: 7.11.2010
Views: 21527
Votes: 24
Reviews: 19
Min. APEX Version:
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by Efren Ramirez
on October 20, 2013

Looks like there is no way to enter bind variables in the query. Anybody knows how to fix it?

by Vsevolod
on June 21, 2013
How can I add a link to sql query
plugin is not finalized
by olega_interin
on March 29, 2013
Bug by Jorg Doppelreiter
on August 2, 2012
??????? ??????. ??? ???????? ??????? ????????, ????????? ??????? ?? ????? ??????????
Bug by Jorg Doppelreiter
on August 2, 2012
telling the truth. opening of large trees, the last vertex will not be displayed
Add a link
by Severine
on February 12, 2013
Hello Linh,

Is it possible to add a link in the sql request.
I've tried and the return format does not interpret the html tag. I've got the all link as a text.

Is it a way to force the return format as the "standard report column" of the classis reports?
Thanks a lot!

DTree Start up with Collapse mode
by Bhaskara
on January 25, 2013
Thanks for providing Tree Plugin , But its starts with expand .. How to do start up with collapse ..
I changed Expand on Start Up default value to 'N' but still getting expand mode ..
by Jörg Doppelreiter
on August 2, 2012
Hi, there is a bug when you start print your tbody.
At the begin of the loop you need to change
"IF i < l_value_list(1).count THEN"
"IF i <= l_value_list(1).count THEN"

Otherwise the last entry will not show when the tree is loaded.

Best Regards,
instaling problem
by Josip Poljak
on April 7, 2011
I have figured it out. You just need to put 'commit' before and after the "begin execute..." line.

Thanks for the great plug in!

instaling problem
by Josip Poljak
on April 7, 2011
While instaling the plug-in I get the following error:
ORA-20001: GET_BLOCK Error. ORA-20001: Execution of the statement was unsuccessful. ORA-02047: cannot join the distributed transaction in progress <pre>begin execute immediate 'begin dbms_session.set_nls( param =&gt; ''NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS'', value =&gt; '''''''' || replace(wwv_flow_api.g_nls_numeric_chars,'''''''','''''''''''') || ''''''''); end;'; end; </pre>

Do you know what could cause that problem?
hypertext or Link to other page
by Rajan
on March 20, 2011
Can you explain how to include html tags for hypelink in SQL query being used in the region source of the plugin.

I tried the following, but errors.
SELECT level, ('[b]' || ename || '[/b]') as ename FROM emp
on January 4, 2011
there is a little problem with theme 7-Modern Blue, the display of drill icon is not perfect. a understrike persist under drill icon .

secondly, i have a hierarchy with 10000 positions, i choose not to expand on startup.
At the displaying of the region, it expands all positions before to collapse.
it will be great for performance reasons to avoid that.

best regards
jean marc
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