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Process Type Plugin Region2XSLTReport


Categories: Process Type Plugin
Author: MirMas

APEX reporting tool based on XSLT

Region2XSLTReport is perfect solution to extend standard APEX reporting with custom Excel and MS Word reporting.

You should try this plugin if any of the following conditions are met:

  • You want filtering, sorting, formatting, data typing and grouping from APEX report are applied in Excel or Word report.
  • You don't want just report download. Maybe you want to send it as mail attachment or save it for later use.
  • You need one output report from multiple APEX reports.
  • You don’t want to send your confidential data to print server in the cloud.
  • You need a low number of complex reports which cannot be built from custom templates.
  • You have basic knowledge of XSLT development or you are satisfied with XSL transformations shipped with installation.   
  • You know how to build XSLT with visual tools like Altova Style Vision or XF Designer.
  • You don’t have budget for expensive enterprise reporting solutions.
License and Price

We offer download of free version. The free version has following limitations:

  • Output is truncated to first 100 rows.
  • Print server is not included. All XSL transformation are done inside PL/SQL.

The cost of a full version Region2XSLTReport perpetual license is 89 EUR. A license is required per Oracle database or APEX workspace. One year support period is included in license price. Check www.mirmas.si for more details.


Oracle APEX, report, Word, Excel, Office, XSLT, Access, PDF, DOCX, XLSX

Oracle APEX Plugin
Company: MirMas IC
Date added: 12.4.2013
Views: 8300
Votes: 1
Reviews: 10
Min. APEX Version:
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XLSX and DOCX support
by MirMas
on June 12, 2014
I'm working on that right now. I know Anton Scheffer great work with PL/SQL ZIP and Excel export plugins. Anton's plugins Excel output is a kind of fixed. In Region2XSLTReport plugin report could be customized with one or two subsequent XSLT. Well these one or two XSLTs can output just one CLOB. Transform CLOB to OOXML is main problem here because as you know OOXML is zipped bundle of XML and binary files. But as I sad I'm almost there.
PDF can be delivered with Region2XSLTReport.
XLSX build in PL/SQL
by tony miller
on June 12, 2014
http://technology.amis.nl/2011/02/19/create-an-excel-file-with-plsql/, has been around since 2011.. SO REALLY you couldn't work with the author to bundle it in your plugin?

He ALSO has a plugin I believe to handle delivering PDF's for ALL reports on a page....
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