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Categories: Process Type Plugin
Author: Anton Scheffer

Upload an Excel file into an Apex Collection

This is a Process Type Plugin to load an Excel file into an Apex Collection.
Excel can be in format XLSX, XLS, XML 2003 or CSV. Because the data is loaded into the "varchar2" columns of an Apex Collection only the first 50 columns of an Excel sheet are loaded.

New version 0.804
  XLSX: Fix bug for formated strings
  CSV: Support for HT separator
New version 0.802
  Support for XLSX numbers stored in scientific notation
  Fix bug for XLSX empty strings


Oracle APEX Plugin
Company: AMIS
Date added: 24.2.2013
Views: 6477
Votes: 15
Reviews: 32
Min. APEX Version:
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Not working again
by Tobin
on August 3, 2014
It happen again, removing and recreate the File Browser did not help.
Don't know what happen. Anyone can help ?
Generic Validation
by Jacob
on July 31, 2014
When declaring
wrong_file exception;

In code
if t_filename like lower('%.xls%') OR t_filename like lower('%.xlsx%') OR t_filename like lower('%.xml%') OR t_filename like
log( 'proper file found ' );
raise wrong_file;
end if;

In exception handling
when wrong_file
t_rv.success_message := 'File must be XLS, XLSX, CSV, or XML';
return t_rv;
Suddenly stop working (3) - solved
by Tobin
on July 23, 2014
Problem solved by deleting the file browser page item and create new one.
Suddenly stop working (2)
by Tobin
on July 23, 2014
I tried to import your sample application and it works fine.

Really confuse what is going wrong ?
Suddenly stop working
by Tobin
on July 23, 2014
Yesterday it was working fine no problem at all. But today it did not work. The report list to show the collection was said "no data found".
100% sure yesterday and days before it was working ok.
Any idea what is wrong ? Thanks.
by Anton Scheffer
on July 22, 2014
It's OK with me
File Validation
by Jacob
on July 22, 2014
First, this is a excellent plugin. I also found a way for some quick and if I'm being honest, generic validation.

I have no issue posting the few lines of code I used to achieve this, if it is allowed and okay with the creator.
by Anton Scheffer
on July 2, 2014
I was talking about this demo application: http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=33308:1:0
The demo app included in the download is build with Apex 4.0. In that version parameter substitution did not exist. In Apex 4.2 it does exists, but it has to be enabled. You can check that in the plugin definition, in the custom attributes tab.
Download version
by Chris Shannon
on July 2, 2014
Sorry to trouble you again Anton, but after downloading again from this site, with a version numbered 8.04 and importing the plug in and demo app directly into my Apex 4.2.1 workspace, I can confirm that the demo application does not have the P1_CSV_SEP page item defined. The demo app export is timestamped 24Feb2013 while the plugin source was updated on 14Mar2013, Can you confirm that this is the latest instance?
by Anton Scheffer
on June 29, 2014
I don't know what syntax you are using, or on which Apex version you are, but, in the demo page I'm using runtime parameters set from the page. So, it is possible. I use &P1_CSV_SEP. by the way, that is with a leading ampersand and a trailing point
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