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Categories: Process Type Plugin
Author: Anton Scheffer

Upload an Excel file into an Apex Collection

This is a Process Type Plugin to load an Excel file into an Apex Collection.
Excel can be in format XLSX, XLS, XML 2003 or CSV. Because the data is loaded into the "varchar2" columns of an Apex Collection only the first 50 columns of an Excel sheet are loaded.

New version 0.804
  XLSX: Fix bug for formated strings
  CSV: Support for HT separator
New version 0.802
  Support for XLSX numbers stored in scientific notation
  Fix bug for XLSX empty strings


Oracle APEX Plugin
Company: AMIS
Date added: 24.2.2013
Views: 10252
Votes: 28
Reviews: 48
Min. APEX Version:
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@Angus Crighton
by Anton Scheffer
on March 11, 2015
This plugin loads every row into a collection. If you know that the first row contains columns you can decide not to process that first row. That's something you have to do your self, this plugin doesn't have an option to skip the first row.
Column Headers
by Angus Crighton
on March 11, 2015
I noticed that when I load my csv file, the column headers appear as the first row of the collection.
How do I stop that happening

by Alexandra Robin
on February 17, 2015
I realize this isn't quite the forum for support. I'll continue looking on my end. Have a great day.
by Alexandra Robin
on February 17, 2015
Yes. Thank you. I understand that. It's getting the data from the collection into the table that I'm needing help with.
And I apologize if I am not using this chat thing correctly. Thanks for a GREAT plugin.
by Anton Scheffer
on February 17, 2015
This plugin loads the data from a CSV-file into a Apex collection, not into a form. Using that collection you can store the data into a table. And use a primary key from a form if you want.
link to form using primary key on form
by Alexandra Robin
on February 17, 2015
I am using Oracle Apex 4.2. This plugin is perfect for what I am trying to do.

I have created a form for cataloging documents in our company. There may be many different items (jars of spices) with which the catalogued document is connected. Instead of the user entering these items one-at-a-time, (or continuing the fiasco of copying and pasting over 4000 characters into a text area using whatever delimiter looks nice for the day) the user exports the list from PeopleSoft, saves it as a .csv, then uses the plugin to upload that list into the form.
So I need to link the primary key for the form to the uploaded csv.

Any suggestions?
CSV field separator by Page Item
by sean
on October 28, 2014
value works. Thank you for the prompt help.
I'm putting your plug-in for a production system Data Import, it performs wonderfully so far. Thanks again, have a wonderful day.
by Anton Scheffer
on October 28, 2014
Thats's possible in Apex 4.2 Use something like &P1_CSV_SEP. (that's fieldname with ampersand and trailing period ) And check that in the plugin definition "Substitute Attribute Values" is set to Yes
CSV field seperator set by page item
by sean
on October 28, 2014
Thanks for the great plug-in, I enjoyed it.

The field seperator for CSV file is set inside the plug-in settings, can I set it dynamically like by PAGE ITEM? I can't find a way to dynamically change CSV field seperator ( and other settings like Enclosed By), thanks
by Jerome
on October 21, 2014
Hi, my issue regarding dates is already resolved by changing the cell format in xls file..
This plugin rocks..
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