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Process Type Plugin Download SDF

Download SDF

Categories: Process Type Plugin
Author: Didier Bastogne

Download molecule table in SDF file format!

This plugin will add a new download button on the interactive report download action section.


When the user click on this download SDF button the plugin will generate an SDF file. To include this plugin, you must

  • have an interactive report where one column (can be hidden) contains the molecular structure in mol format.
  • add the plugin as a process (the process point must be 'On Load - Before Header')
only two parameters for this plugin, the first one is the name of the column containing the molecular structure, and the second is to escape or not the html tag in the data columns
Special Requirements
tested on google chrome and IE11 (not working on IE8)


Oracle APEX Plugin
Company: UCB
Date added: 23.5.2014
Views: 2017
Votes: 1
Reviews: 5
Min. APEX Version:
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download apex plugin
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Plugin available for download
by Didier Bastogne
on June 22, 2014
Thanks to apex-plugin.com support team the plugin is now available for download.

Didier B
by Adrian Png
on June 14, 2014
Indeed. Hope to see the uploads soon. By the way, those of us interested in pushing for APEX in Science and Research can stay in touch here. -- https://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4855102
Nicely done Didier
by Le Roux
on June 12, 2014
Finally some science in Apex plug-ins :)
by Didier Bastogne
on May 28, 2014
yes, I'm facing issues to upload the plugin here, waiting feedback from apex-plugins support
Plugin Download
by Adrian Png
on May 28, 2014

Any plans to make this plugin available for downloads?

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