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Item Plugin

MultiSelect Item

9Reviews: 24 Downloads: 265
APEX 4.1
Views: 10320
Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Ivan Zderadicka
User friendly multiselect.
Date picker with Hour LOV

Date and Hour Picker

0Reviews: 6 Downloads: 356
APEX 4.1
Views: 11067
Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Josep Company: Relational
This plugin allows user to select date and time in two separate HTML fields. APEX developer retrieves only one field with resulting concatenated values.
Oracle APEX Plugin


9Reviews: 2 Downloads: 471
APEX 4.0
Views: 5353
Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Tom van der Duin Company: Socho_IT
This plugin enabled you to add a captcha to your page, in the form of an OpenCaptcha.

Combobox With Custom Display

10Reviews: 25 Downloads: 735
APEX 4.0
Views: 14512
Categories: Item Plugin
Author: vikram
Combobox with Custom Display, Add HTML tags and Images to the dropdown.

Other options are same as Combobox Plugin:
Combobox (searchable select list) is a great replacement to the standard select list and autocomplete. It removes the limitation of APEX autocomplete item which can have only one column for display and return. This is easy to configure and easy to use that enables you to add a new value to the drop down list on the fly.
Oracle APEX Plugin

Dynamic Quick Pick

9Reviews: 7 Downloads: 322
APEX 4.1
Views: 4201
Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Peter Pusztai
Dynamic Quick Pick extends the functionality of the static Quick Pick introduced in Apex 4.0.
It provides the possibility to define the Quick Pick entries (as a separate page item) based on a SQL statement.
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