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Item Plugin Multi-Select Checkbox-List

Multi-Select Checkbox-List

Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Volker Paul

A multiple select-list with Checkboxes

This multi-select list is an easy-to-use solution for special Filter-Items in Reports.
You can enable or disable all list-values with 1 click, add cascading LOV Feature and enable an additional Pre-Search Option to Filter the displayed Values.


New Features (V1.0.3)

Cascading LOV Feature now available

The cascading LOV Feature is now available.

Pre-Search Option available

The Pre-Search Option means an additional Filter-Item to filter the visible values.


This PlugIn renders a fieldset with an "All"-Selector, a Hidden-Item to store the return result and a div-Region with all LOVs as Checkboxes.
The return-value is a concatinated string delimited by a special seperator (in this case a ":"). The seperator can be changed in the item-settings region. So the result-string is something like this:


or if you use IDs:


 To handle such value string please have a look below to the requirements section.



The List of return-values should not be greater than 4000 characters. Reason is the 4000 character limitation of Oracle VARCHAR2 Objects in APEX.


The download file includes the old Release 1.0 and the current Release 1.0.3 with the Cascading LOV Feature and the Pre-Search Option.

Special Requirements
There are no requirements for this Plugin.
But multi-select-lists like this return multiple values. Such multiple value strings must be handled.
You can find a solution at my Demo-page on

multiple select list apex 4.0 plugin multi checkbox liste code wiederverwenden modularisieren erweitern

Demo EMP-Filter
Demo EMP-Filter
Date added: 31.12.2010
Views: 25258
Votes: 15
Reviews: 32
Min. APEX Version:
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Re: Cascading LOV not working
by Volker Paul
on August 18, 2015
Hello Senthil,
please have a look at my demo. This application have been upgraded by oracle and it works without any changes.
Can you give me more input? Have you checked for JS-Errors?
Apex 5
by Senthil Kumaran. S
on August 18, 2015
We are having Apex5. Cascading LOV is not working. Can you guide me how I can use the same in APEX 5.0
RE: Search using Pre-Search Option
by Volker Paul
on April 15, 2015
Hello Vijay,
sorry for the delay.
Well, enabling pre-search-option is very simple.
Please go to Plugin-Item Page and look for the property "Enable Pre-Search Option" and set the value to "Yes".
That's it.

Add Setting
by Eric Joppru
on March 25, 2015
Thanks for this plug-in -- I've just downloading it and have implemented it successfully into a business application. If possible, it would be nice to have the Settings option for Page Action When Value Changed similar to some of the out of the box items. For example, I could submit the page when a user makes a change to this multi-select. This would save a user having to make a change to the multi-select and then press a Submit button. Thanks again for the plug-in! -Eric
Search using Pre-Search Option
by vijay
on March 18, 2015
Hi Paul, I want to filter the checkbox values using pre-search option.

I should be able to search for the checkbox values starting with string entered in the textbox.

If I type 'A' in the textbox.. It should return only the values starting with A. (Analyst)

Please let me know how to achieve this.

RE: Plugin broke in IE
by Volker Paul
on April 8, 2014
Hello Kiem,
which version of IE are you using? I check it out with IE9 and it works fine. I know, that older IE-Releases had a lot of problems with HTML-Standards and some JS-Functions. So I recommend to use newer releases of IE.

Kind regards
Plugin broke in IE
by Kiem Nguyen
on April 7, 2014
Dear Mr. Paul, thanks for a great plugin. I'm using APEX 4.1 and upgraded to latest version of JQuery. The plugin works fine in Chrome and Firefox but it doesn't display correctly in IE. I wonder if you could help me with this. Thank you and I greatly appreciate your help.
RE: Plugin css/html ...
by Volker Paul
on February 9, 2014
Hello Johnson,
thank you for you feedback.
Please have a look at my demo. You'll see that the MSCB-Listitem "Manager" doesn't have a pane below the All-Selector (for a better understanding: this pane is an item to filter the content of your list-values!)..
OK, at my demo page please look for the explanation of "Enabling Pre-Search Option". With this option you can enable/disable this pane.

If you want to change this label, create a dynamic action for Event "Page Load". Create a TRUE-Action on "Execute JavaScript Code" and Code like this:
$('#fs_YOUR_ITEM_NAME > label').text("New Label");
That's it.

To change css and HTML go to Apex Builder - your MSCB-Item and have a look at the section "Settings". There you'll find some options to control the styles of your MSCB-Item.
If you want to change the HTML you should use JQuery to change it.

How it helps.
Plugin css/html pane delete
by Johnson
on February 6, 2014
Hi Volker,
Thanks for the plugin ,it solved our application issue ,it is very useful to us.I just translate this Label of 'Alle' to Englishi version 'Select All'
there still one thing I need rewrite this plugin .to delete the pane under Select All ,if you can proved me how to change some css/html at this plugin ,that will be great .
kindly wish you reply me, I will sent you the details issue .

Terms of use
by Jay Hartford
on December 2, 2013

I was wondering where I could find an English version of the terms of use.
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