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Item Plugin EXTENSION Warp11 GMaps item

EXTENSION Warp11 GMaps item

Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Josep

Custom pin images & latitude/longitude positioning

Updated by JCoves v1.0


Added the following attributes at SQL Query:

  • Icon: Use custom pin image, specify the image URL 
  • Latlong: Specify Latitude and Longitude instead of address to increase performance on multiple markers. Ex: 41.380268, 2.190475


Original Plugin


The Warp11 GMaps plugin provides an easy way of incorporating a Google Map on your page.

The plugin was created bij Richard & Sergei Martens of the Warp 11 Center of Excellence.

The plugin uses a number of parameters / settings:

  • StreetViewControl
  • navigationControl
  • maptype
  • mapTypeControl
  • mapTypeControl_position
  • mapTypeControl_style
  • address (page item)
  • zoom (integer)

It is essential that the page-items mentioned in the settings are rendered before then gmaps plugin. Otherwise the plugin cannot read the values. The page items can be of the hidden type.

Width and Hight of the page-item are used to create the map.

More information can be found at http://apex.warp11.nl

Googlemaps, multiple location, gmaps, google, map,maps, gmap

Company: Freelance
Date added: 4.8.2011
Views: 6062
Votes: 6
Reviews: 30
Min. APEX Version:
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by Josep
on October 25, 2013
Hi Mohammad,

Yes, it depends on what you return at markermhtml column (3rd column), inside SQL statement. If you exceed maximum bubble content length, scroll bars appear.

Best regards.
bubble size
by Mohammad F Almsaddi
on October 25, 2013
Hello again,

Is it possible to control the bubbles size ?
When clicking on the Pin Icon of a given location,
We get very wide bubble with un-needed scrolling arrows . Do we have control over this ?

by Josep
on October 22, 2013
Hi Mohammad,

That's not possible, you must submit page.

Best regards
Refresh the Map
by Mohammad F Almsaddi
on October 22, 2013
Thanks for your contribution..
Is there a way (DA) to refresh the map on item value change ?

I mean something similar to this:


by Josep
on June 19, 2013
Hi, plugin should work properly. Have you exported and imported the same application as is in apex.oracle.com? Could you have network issues or a firewall in your installation which blocks googlemaps connection?
Only Green screen shows-----
by Lalit
on June 19, 2013
Only Green screen shows when I run application which is hosted in my local system. But when I run same application in apex.oracle.com then Map plugin works properly. Can anyone help me? What I setting I need to do in my locally installed apex in order to work this plugin. I am having internet also in my local system.
Share code for a sample page
by Patrick Miller
on January 27, 2013
I have not been able to get maps to show up on a page following instructions. Can someone make available a sample application where we can look at the code in a page that is displaying correctly?

by falhi
on October 23, 2012
i Use 4 Tables in my Query and
in "Infowindow" of each Marker i show 5 colums from this Tables :

(in "Infowindow")

Number : -----
Adresse : ------
Customer : -----
code : -----
Picture : Link (Link to Pop Up)

and of course latitude and longitude in parametres.

if it less than 50 markers it work
if it more than 50 markers Page Load slowly and Plugin show markers slowly and if you want zoom it make a lot of time
and if you show 300 markers it give you messge box "this Script must be stop"
by Josep
on October 23, 2012
Hi Falhi,

For big number of markers you should use "latlong" parameter and inform latitude and longitude instead of "text address".

If you specify text address it makes an AJAX call for each marker (which is really slow). Instead, you should save each pin location once located and use that location instead of text adress.

Hope that helps. You can see a running sample of this version at
by falhi
on October 23, 2012
today on my server there was an update for java 6 to 7 I install then
I test a table of 300 markers to display the page that loads and does nothing after a few seconds gives me error that need to stop this script!

I tested with 200 markers same result,
UNTIL 50 markers markers appear on the map and slowly but very lorde to manipulate the zoom


3 days ago I tested with 50 it works very well but now nn
is that there is a connection with java?!? and how to solve the problem!
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