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Item Plugin Combobox


Categories: Item Plugin
Author: vikram

Overcome Select List & Autocomplete limitations

Combobox (searchable select list) is a great replacement to the standard select list and autocomplete. It removes the limitation of APEX autocomplete item which can have only one column for display and return. This is easy to configure and easy to use that enables you to add a new value to the drop down list on the fly.

A case in-sensitive search is performed with the entered value for both Lazy Loading and Non Lazy Load. 

Plugin options:

Lazy Loading:  If set to yes, the matching values will be read from the database each time the user types a character. If set to no, all values will be read only once when the page is rendered..

Allow Add New: Chose yes if you want to allow the user to add new values to the list using below PL/SQL Block (Only Available if Lazy Loading is set to Yes)

PL/SQL Code for Add New: Enter the PL/SQL Function Body to populate the new value into database table returning its ID (Only Available if Allow Add New is set to Yes)

Set Value of Combobox Using below syntax - JavaScript/Jquery:


For Example:


combobox,autocomplete,apex,plugin,combobox add new

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Date added: 15.5.2012
Views: 18943
Votes: 31
Reviews: 89
Min. APEX Version:
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RE: Lazy loading not working
by Vikram Cherukuri
on July 3, 2015
there is some javascript error after it was upgraded to 5.0

I will have a look at it.
Lazy loading not working
by A LS
on March 30, 2015
I tried the demo version but the
Lazy Loading & Add New
looks like not working: I type aaxx in the field.
the message says 'add aaxx to list' , but then nothing happens.

by Angeline
on January 6, 2015
i have set Lazy Loading to Yes and Allow New to Yes and written a plsql code containing one insert statement that is suppose to insert the value into the database but its not doing so. Is there sth that I am missing out? Is there any demo to see how to implment this plugin at the background on apex?
Thank You!
Solution for focus
by Yaroslav
on October 31, 2014
I found solution for focus, it work but I dont know it is right.

Solution: $('.ui-vcCombobox2')[0].children[0].focus();

May be have you another solution.
by Yaroslav
on October 31, 2014
Can I set focus for this plugin use JS? $('NAME_FIELD').focus() for example.
RE: Double quotes "
by vikram
on August 12, 2013
Hi Baki,

I will have a look into the issue and fix it soon.

RE: Specials characters
by vikram
on August 12, 2013
Hi Lucien,

You can achieve that by customizing the plugin code, so its a customization and I don't see it as a standard functionality.

Specials characters
by Lucien Aussibal
on August 5, 2013
Hi Vikram,

Would you think it would be diffcult to modify the plugin to "ignore" specials charaters for character value comparison?

For exemple if I search "cliché" I'd like to find "cliche" and "cliché".

Thank you for your time,
Double quotes "
by Baki
on April 24, 2013
Hi Vikram,

Your plugin is great and I wish to use it in my applications. I've noticed couple issues about double quotes .
1. If search term contains double quote, in chrome developer tools reports error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected string
2. if display data contains double quote, after selection, they replaced with & quot ; in combo box field

Re: Combobox - Item Plugin
by vikram
on April 9, 2013
Hi Madhuri,

Check your plsql process in your plugin settings for adding new record. If you can't make it work then reproduce the problem on apex.oracle.com

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