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Item Plugin ClariFit From To Date Picker

ClariFit From To Date Picker

Categories: Item Plugin

The plugin is an item plugin. Its options are similar to the APEX date picker. The main difference is that instead of having Minimum and Maximum date attributes you now have Date Type and Corresponding Date Item attributes. The Date Type can either be a From or To date (i.e. min/max date). The Corresponding Date Item is the item name for the date picker that will determine the date's restrictions(in real time based on the corresponding date's current date)


Blog post contains more info: http://www.talkapex.com/2011/12/clarifit-fromto-date-picker-plug-in.html


Company: ClariFit
Date added: 1.12.2011
Views: 8170
Votes: 3
Reviews: 7
Min. APEX Version:
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re: Image Prefix
by Martin Giffy D
on December 20, 2013
I'm not sure why this is happening. Best bet is when you run the page, look at the page source and look for the icon. See if the link is valid. You may need to ensure that that image is still in the same location in If it isn't look through the apex images folder (part of the installation .zip file) and see if you can find it.
by Kieron
on December 18, 2013
Hi Martin - great plugin. On Apex - I don't see the calendar image(icon). I checked the plugin settings and it's &IMAGE_PREFIX.asfdcldr.gif which I believe is correct but I do also see there's been a change for IMAGE_PREFIX in 4.2. My image_prefix is standard at /i/. Any ideas?
Set field to readonly?
by Amanda
on October 24, 2012
This plugin is great! Not sure why this isn't included out of the box.

One question: when I use the 'Date Picker' type, i can set the field to read-only so the user can ONLY user the date picker to enter a date (not type in bogus text).

This is achieved by:
In 'HTML Form Element Attributes' put 'readonly="readonly" '.

This does not seem to work with the plugin?
TABSequence and other attributes
by Bas de Klerk
on October 8, 2012
Hi Martin,

Thx for a great plugin.
I had some trouble getting the tabsequence correct with items of this plugin type.
Found out that the item attributes where not used in the plugin. I fixed that by changing :


Into :


Kind regards
Time formats
by Paul Hine
on May 31, 2012
A very useful plugin but can it be made to work with date formats that include the time, as per the Apex built-in datepickers?
May 7, 2012
The Entry has been updated in the meantime!
by Martin Giffy D
on January 9, 2012
When I uploaded this plugin the highest APEX version to select on the list (from apex-plugin.com) was 4.0. Since then 4.1 has been added and I've updated this plugin to reflect the change.
January 9, 2012
The Entry has been updated in the meantime!
by Niels
on December 13, 2011
I like your plugins but i'm getting

1 error has occurred

NOT COMPATIBLE (Your export may contain calls not supported by your application version.)

with the all the recent ones.
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