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Dynamic Action Plugin
Dialog URL

Dialog VCH

7Reviews: 14 Downloads:
APEX 4.0
Views: 5220
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Márcio Company: Vertech IT Solutions
VCH Dialog is a dynamic action plugin that displays a modal dialog with dynamic content.
Item Validation

Live Validation

9Reviews: 36 Downloads:
APEX 4.1
Views: 15321
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Nick Buytaert Company: Contribute NV
The APEX Live Validation plugin lets you create client-side form validations in just a few mouse clicks without having to write a single line of JavaScript code. The APEX plugin is built on top of a self made jQuery plugin that was created specifically for client-side validation handling in APEX. The minimum required version for the APEX plugin is 4.1. Older versions, however, can use the jQuery plugin instead. There is no difference between the end result of both plugin types, the jQuery plugin is just a bit less developer friendly.

Enkitec Sparklines

10Reviews: 1 Downloads:
APEX 4.0
Views: 4524
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Dan McGhan Company: Enkitec
Edward Tuft, who both invented and coined the term sparkline, described them as "data-intense, design-simple, word-sized graphics". Sparklines are the perfect tool to present trends or variations in data “at a glance”. Unlike the charts commonly used in APEX, sparklines are very small in size, often presented alongside or within text. Also, sparklines rarely contain scale or axis data and single data points are rarely singled out. To put it another way, charts provide the detail whereas sparklines provide a snapshot.

Enkitec CLOB Load

8Reviews: 11 Downloads:
APEX 4.0
Views: 8334
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Dan McGhan Company: Enkitec
Have you ever used a Rich Text Editor item type in APEX? Has the amount of text ever exceeded 32k? Choke! And so begins the search for a work around... While work arounds exists they can be a little difficult find and repeat each time you need them. We designed the Enkitec CLOB Load plug-in to simplify and standardize how large amounts of text are moved from the database to APEX page items and then back to the database.
iPhone customized look


0Reviews: 2 Downloads: 152
APEX 4.2
Views: 3208
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Roel Hartman Company: APEX Evangelists
Show the user a non obtrusive little widget to point them out to bookmark it on the home screen when they are running your APEX web application from Safari.
So ... sorry Androiders, it supports Apple products only.
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