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Dynamic Action Plugin GuidedTour



This is not an single plugin, instead it contains 3 DA plugins.

The Framework shepherd.js is splitted in 3 sections:

1) Initialize the guided tour

2) Add several tour steps

3) Start the guided tour

So the plugins are exactly for this events:

1) GuidedTour (New Instance): 

2) GuidedTour (Add Step)

3) GuidedTour (Start Tour)


How to use:

On target page create a single Dynamic Action, say "GuidedTour".

Event should be set to "Page Load"!

This DA has multiple true actions.

1) GuidedTour (New Instance):

Here you can choose 4 shepherd themes / templates for the look&feel.

Use this true action, only once. Should have the smallest sequence of all true actions, so it is called first. 

2) GuidedTour (Add Step):

This true action adds a step "popup". You can customize it with this values:

- Step title

- Step text

- Button close text 

- Button next text

- Position (botton/top/left/right)

- Attach to CSS class:

(shepherd is designed to attach the popup to a css class, for example ".t-Body-nav" for navigation menu or ".t-Body-actions" for the action menu on right side. for items use "#P1_ITEM_NAME". Without quotes!)  

This true action can be used multiple times. The order/sequences of the true actions are the order in which they are executed.

3) GuidedTour (Start Tour):

This true action starts the tour with all steps from before. Put it at the end of all true actions.


All my plugins now hosted on Github and are listed on apex.world. Please go there to download it and communicate with me if you have problems or wishes!;)


guided tour,first run wizard,shepherd, guidedtour,firstrunwizard

Oracle APEX Plugin
Date added: 3.8.2015
Views: 1707
Votes: 2
Reviews: 5
Min. APEX Version:
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Re: Show guide on "onClick" event
by Jozef
on September 2, 2015
Hi Daniel,
It works now. Thanks!
Re: Show guide on "onClick" event
by Daniel Hochleitner
on August 31, 2015
Hi Jozef,

1) do all as it is described but without Start Tour plugin. (New Instance and your steps only)
2) Make a DA on button click type execute Javascript (on page load false)
JS code:

Now the tour starts on button click!
Show guide on "onClick" event
by Jozef
on August 26, 2015
Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the plugin.
Is it possible to show guide when user click some button ? I tried to make it works. DA's are called when button is clicked. But guide is still shown when page load.

August 10, 2015
The Entry has been updated in the meantime!
Great for training users on the fly
by lunar_walker
on August 6, 2015
Kepp up the good work...
very nice plugin
by Dimitri Gielis
on August 4, 2015
I planned to incorporate it in some of our apps, so great to see a plugin now available.
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