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Dynamic Action Plugin ClariFit Dialog

ClariFit Dialog


Allows developers to implement dialog and modal windows in APEX using this dynamic action plugin.

Full Description: http://www.talkapex.com/2011/11/clarifit-dialog-plugin.html

Demo available from: plugins.clarifit.com

See Help text for detailed descriptions.


Company: ClariFit
Date added: 29.11.2011
Views: 10793
Votes: 8
Reviews: 6
Min. APEX Version:
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re: IR Action button
by Martin Giffy D
on December 20, 2013
Hi Peter,

I tested it and it has to do with the z-index for the actions menu. One quick solution would be to add the following CSS:

#apexir_ACTIONSMENU{ z-index: 99999999; }
IR Action Button does not work in Modal
by Peter Ettinger
on December 11, 2013
I've been using the Plugon for quite a while. I love it.
But now i've got an issue with an IR report:
whenever the region is displayed modal, the action menu does not work anymore.

i provided a demo app on http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=48245
open the page "modal region test"
whenever u switch to "show modal" the action menu is not working. as soon as you close the modal view, the "action" button does it's job again. let me know, if you need access to the source. i'll provide the credentials via mail

Problem With Display in IE7
by Angus Crighton
on May 25, 2012
When I use FF there is no problems, but when using IE7 the dialog boxes do not display properly.
I am trying this plugin on the Oracle website, so version 4.1, theme 21.
January 9, 2012
The Entry has been updated in the meantime!
re: Documentation
by Martin Giffy D
on December 19, 2011
I did fix the documentation link. Thanks for pointing that out.
re: Documentation
by Martin Giffy D
on December 19, 2011
For now, there is no documentation for this plugin.
December 19, 2011
The Entry has been updated in the meantime!
by Trevor
on December 19, 2011
Where is the documentation? There is no help text in the download and the link above is to something about dates. The blog post about it (http://www.talkapex.com/2011/11/clarifit-dialog-plugin.html ) says nothing about to install or use it.
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