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Browser Extensions Pretius APEX Ehanced Column Attribute

Pretius APEX Ehanced Column Attribute


New functionalities in Standard Report Column page


APEX Enhanced Column Attributes is a Chrome extension that extends APEX v.4.1+ application builder.
Plugin "APEX Enhanced Column Attributes" has been developed for Oracle Application Express because lack of handy column management functionalities in former APEX.

It has been tested for this particular version, however it should work with all APEX v.4.x.x versions and is dedicated to Oracle APEX v.4.1+developers that want to speed up column management in standard report attributes view.

Features at a Glance

  • Move column from any position to the top in column sequence
  • Move column from any position to the bottom in column sequence
  • Move column using drag & drop
  • Replace all column values via column header - double click on column header
  • Paste matrix of values from Excel sheet or notepad (attribute columns separated with t and rows by n)


  • Chrome
  • Apex v. 4.x.x


  • Move columns with drag&drop in group
  • Navigate between fields with keyboard arrows
  • "Parent tab" redesign - display entries as "list" instead of "tables cells"
  • Shortcuts for proper APEX pages
  • Handy notifications about important page elements. E.g. element display condition
  • and more...


Installation is as simple as installing Chrome plugin.

  1. Download extension from Chrome Store
  2. Drop file on Chrome browser
  3. Accept plugin

Feature Requests and Bugs

If you would like to see additional functionalities added to the extension, or if you have found a bug, please let us know by emailing apex@pretius.com.

Please provide additional information:

  • [APEX Enhanced Column Attributes] as subject
  • APEX version you were using with plugin
  • Short description what you have tried to do and what happened or description of feature request

Permission info

Extension needs permission to work in every chrome tab. It is because of different URLs to access APEX application builder. Plugin attaches its functionality only if jQuery selector is being found after page loads. The selector defines standard report column attributes – area where new functionality should be available. Extension doesnt’ collect any data from user's browser.

My other plugins:


Special Requirements

Chrome, Extension, Standard report, drag&drop, paste, sheet, column

Company: Pretius
Date added: 3.7.2014
Views: 5430
Votes: 9
Reviews: 0
Min. APEX Version:
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