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0Reviews: 0 Downloads:
APEX 4.0
Views: 2691
Categories: Region Plugin
Author: Christian Company: themes4apex
This combination of APEX plug-in and PL/SQL package offers detection of decive type (desktop/table/smartphone) and viewport properties (width/height/orientation).


6Reviews: 3 Downloads:
APEX 4.2
Views: 7617
Categories: Region Plugin
Author: Christian Company: rokIT
The APEX SmartPivot Plug-in is an Oracle Application Express Plug-in
that adds those reporting features to your application which, till now, made users export APEX report data to Excel.
The SmartPivot Plug-in enables users to create multi-dimensional pivot reports using drag-and-drop functionality. Easily configure sub- and grand totals just like in Excel, in any APEX application.

Key features of APEX SmartPivot are:

Easily customized pivot grid to analysis data from any angle of views.
Drag and drop column and row selection; mimics all functionalities of Microsoft Excel with an intuitive user interface
Simple drill down into related detail data of any aggregated data point
Customizable presentation
Automatic creation of chart presentation of aggregated data
Saving and sharing of reports as used to in Interactive Reports
Export to Excel


6Reviews: 6 Downloads: 53
APEX 4.2
Views: 3053
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Christian Company: rokit
A small APEX jQuery plugin to push your footer to the bottom of your responsive dynamic height page.
Oracle APEX Plugin

rokit CookieBar

0Reviews: 0 Downloads:
APEX 5.0
Views: 1667
Categories: Region Plugin
Author: Christian Company: rokit
In 2012 the EU government decided it was necessary for every website available inside the EU to give visitors the option to allow or disable cookies.
This plug-in let's you include and configure such a notice within your APEX application.
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