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Oracle MAPS Plugin

7Reviews: 4 Downloads: 135
APEX 4.0
Views: 7678
Categories: Region Plugin
Author: Carsten Czarski Company: ORACLE Germany
With this Plugin you can add an "Oracle MAPS" map to your APEX application. Oracle MAPS allows you to create maps from your own spatial data in your own database - and the Look & Feel is like Google Maps.
Label Cloud

Label Cloud Plugin

10Reviews: 6 Downloads: 138
APEX 4.0
Views: 5141
Categories: Region Plugin
Author: Carsten Czarski Company: ORACLE Germany
This plugin allows to display table contents as a label cloud . You need to provide a SQL query in the reqion source which selects a label, a link and a value, similar to a chart. The plugin attributes configure the coloring of the label cloud and the text sizes. The datasource SQL query must be placed into the Region Source.
Resulting Tree

HTML Markup for APEX Tree

9Reviews: 7 Downloads: 606
APEX 4.0
Views: 13326
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Carsten Czarski Company: ORACLE Germany
This plugin enables HTML Markup within an APEX Tree Region which normally escapes all HTML Special characters. The idea is to use replacement characters for "" and "&" in the Tree SQL query and to configure these in the plugin. The plugin fires as a dynamic action after page load and uses some jQuery logic to activate the HTML markup by changing the replacement characters back to HTML syntax.
Plugin settings

Dynamic Quick Picks

10Reviews: 12 Downloads: 183
APEX 4.1
Views: 6879
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Carsten Czarski
This Plugin enables to define a dynamic action which appends Quick Picks based on a named LOV or a SQL query to a given APEX Element. The dynamic action can be defined "on page load" in order to have the quick picks on the initial page, but also "on change" to have the Quick Picks" refreshed when e.g. a select list changes.

D3 Bubble Chart Plugin

10Reviews: 3 Downloads:
APEX 4.2
Views: 5636
Categories: Region Plugin
Author: Carsten Czarski
This plugin provides a Bubble Chart based on the D3js framework. Bubble charts allow to visualize two values by bubble sizes and colors and provide a good overview on data distribution. This plugin is based on the bubble chart example by the D3js author Mike Bostock.
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