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D3 Force Network Chart

10Reviews: 60 Downloads:
APEX 4.2
Views: 10008
Categories: Region Plugin
Author: Ottmar Gobrecht
D3 force Oracle APEX plugin, standalone implementation and playground

Country selector

9Reviews: 4 Downloads:
APEX 4.2
Views: 4371
Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Nihad Company: Pitss GmbH
Country Select list
Oracle APEX Plugin

Master-detail dynamic action

10Reviews: 10 Downloads: 509
APEX 4.2
Views: 7635
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: non-apexoid Company: non-apexoid
Provides creating master-detail relations between classic reports. Allows using interactive report as master or detail.
Oracle APEX Plugin


8Reviews: 11 Downloads: 299
APEX 4.0
Views: 3423
Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Armbruster Company: Armbruster-IT
Simple TimePicker just to select a valid time. See the help text of the plugin for more details.
*** NEW ***
26.01.2015: now the correct version without debug code

D3 Treemap Chart Plugin

7Reviews: 9 Downloads:
APEX 4.2
Views: 4591
Categories: Region Plugin
Author: Carsten Czarski
This plugin provides a Treemap Chart based on the D3js framework. Treemap charts allow to visualize two values by area sizes and colors and provide a good overview on data distribution. This plugin is based on the treemap chart example by the D3js author Mike Bostock.
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