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Go Detatils - Dialog

10Reviews: 0 Downloads:
APEX 4.2
Views: 2438
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: dailey Company:Oracle
Sometimes, in the APEX region , there need a link or other thing to trigger a dialog to show that related information for each row, just like a enhancement look up.
Notification icon and tooltip

Friendly LOV

10Reviews: 7 Downloads:
APEX 4.2
Views: 3655
Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Petri Company:Energie Graz
This item plugin provides a display value for a key value, even when that key is not included in the defined LOV - due to some restrictions in the sql where clause (validity, certain criteria, etc.).

Depending on item-settings the "invalid" value can be must be altered by the user or can be resubmitted.

IR Query

10Reviews: 4 Downloads:
APEX 4.2
Views: 2692
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Denes Company:bi-cubes
Get the current IR SQL including Columns and Filters.


10Reviews: 6 Downloads:
APEX 4.2
Views: 2696
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: iersel
user friendly checkboxes
Oracle APEX Plugin

First/last page links for IR

10Reviews: 2 Downloads:
APEX 4.0
Views: 6174
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Ana Miloš
This plugin simply adds the image links to the first and last page of your Interactive Reports.
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