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Oracle APEX Plugin

tabular form cascading select

10Reviews: 36 Downloads:
APEX 5.0
Views: 8158
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Richard Martens Company:smart4solutions
nspired by a really old blog by Denes Kubicek, I decided to turn his solution into a usable plugin.
The plugin supports multiple instances on one page.

Pretius APEX Nested Reports

10Reviews: 104 Downloads:
APEX 5.0
Views: 7333
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Bartosz Ostrowski Company: Pretius
The plugin is dynamic action plugin implementing nested reports within APEX classic reports. Scope of data, data appearance and behavior is customizable within the plugin attributes.

Apex Multi-Select TAG

10Reviews: 0 Downloads: 58
APEX 5.0
Views: 4594
Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Rodrigo Mesquita Company: Freelancer
A user friendly way to create selectable items


0Reviews: 1 Downloads:
APEX 5.0
Views: 3163
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Richard Martens Company:smart4solutions
adds rowclick bahavior to apex reports

Menu Item

10Reviews: 7 Downloads:
APEX 4.2
Views: 3147
Categories: Item Plugin
Author: SvDev
Menu Item is a display only element with attached menu with different customizable features. It can be used as an alternative to standard select list or as a standalone menu element.
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