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SkillBuilders Geocode

0Reviews: 0 Downloads:
APEX 4.0
Views: 1535
Categories: Process Type Plugin
Author: Dan McGhan Company: SkillBuilders
Utilizing the Yahoo PlaceFinder API, the SkillBuilders Geocode process plug-in returns latitude and longitude coordinates when supplied with an address. As a process plug-in, it operates server-side making it ideal for validations.
Cascading LOVs

SkillBuilders Save Value

4Reviews: 2 Downloads:
APEX 4.0
Views: 2253
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Dan McGhan Company: SkillBuilders
APEX supports declarative cascading LOVs. In certain scenarios the value of a parent item can generate some of the same values for child items. The SkillBuilders Save Value on Cascade plug-in was designed to preserve the selected value of child item if the same value exists after refreshing.
Caps Lock warning message

SkillBuilders Password

2Reviews: 3 Downloads:
APEX 4.0
Views: 2135
Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Dan McGhan Company: SkillBuilders
Have you ever locked yourself out of a program just to find out YOUR CAPS LOCK WAS ENABLED? Most people have had this happen at least once before. The SkillBuilders Password plug-in helps to prevent the problem by displaying a warning message to users when it detects that the Caps Locks is enabled while entering a password.
openlayers region

Open Layers region

10Reviews: 11 Downloads: 306
APEX 4.0
Views: 6406
WEB GIS region with configurable WMS data layer und OpenStreet Map base layer based on openlayers framework.


10Reviews: 0 Downloads: 427
APEX 4.0
Views: 2107
Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Patrick Barel Company: Bar Solutions

Use the text plugin to control the display of at text element using a dynamic action. Use the different attributes to control the behaviour of the item.

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