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FAQ Versioning

APEX Versions

Minimum APEX release
Ensure the 'Minimum APEX Release' of the plugin you want to install is the same or less than your Oracle APEX version.

  • Plugin code for APEX release 2.2 will install in APEX release 3.0 but not vice versa.
  • Plugin code for APEX release 3.0 will not install in APEX release 2.2


Plugin Versions

One entry
If you got multiple version(s) of your plugin code, keep all the info in one entry. In the description field you can describe the difference between the versions.

Minimum APEX release
If you got multiple versions of your plugin code for different APEX releases, the minimum APEX release is the minimum APEX release of all your versions (probably your first version)

Uploading multiple Plugin Versions
If you have got multiple versions of your plugin and you want to upload them to www.apex-plugin.com, you can put the zip files of all your versions in one zip file.

  • If you got two version say 1.0 en 1.1, you create two seperate zip files, one for each plugin. Each zip file contains all the files for that version. Then you zip these two zip files in to one zip file and upload it.

Disclaimer: The APEX Plugins on this site are not supported by Oracle Support Services.

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