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Describe your Plugin’s features. You can upload the Plugin’s code and documentation, or, alternatively, submit the URLs to your Website, GitHup Repository or Blog.

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FAQ How do I Add an APEX Plugin

How do I Add an APEX Plugin

Adding your own APEX Plugin information to www.apex-directory.com is easy. Fill out the form and describe your own Plugin’s features. You can upload the Plugin’s code and documentation, or, alternatively, submit the URLs.

1 Login , if you don't have an account yet you will need to create one.

2 Click to open the Add Plugin form. The Add Plugin button is at the top menu.

Add an APEX PLugin

3 Fill out the form. Fields with an * are mandatory. The information is grouped into 5 sections:

  • Contact Info
  • Plugin Text.
    Enter an intro text and a detailed description of your Plugin functionality. The intro is what users will read first when it appears in search results so keep the intro short and describe the Plugin’s features concisely.
  • Downloads and URL's
    Put your Plugin code and/or documentation in a file for users to download or alternativly enter the URL's if the information is already on the web.
  • Images
    You can also upload up to 5 images per APEX Plugin. The first image will be seen next to the intro text and resized to 70px by 70px. The next four will be seen in detailed view resized to 500px by 500px. To get the best result, make sure your file matches the display dimensions. The upload accepts JPG, GIF and PNG files.
  • Categories and Keywords
    Select the appropriate category for your Plugin. You can enter keywords for your APEX Plugin, helping users to find your Plugin using "Search".

4 Publish, after submitting your Plugin form, your Plugin will have to be approved. The Plugin category and description will be verified first after which it will be published.

Disclaimer: The APEX Plugins on this site are not supported by Oracle Support Services.

If you have a question about a Plugin or need support: Login and select the plugin detail page. At the bottom you can enter your Question / Review / Remark.
Your message will be sent to the author of the plugin.